Are Baby Boy Clothes Hardwearing Enough?

It used to be that there was not much selection when it came to baby boy clothes and what was on offer was pretty standard stuff. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that men’s clothes were also fairly limited in style and choice. Things were slowly changing in the late 1970’s when I had my son but even then there was not a huge choice out there especially for those of us on a limited budget.

When you look round the stores or shop on line for baby boy clothes there is a huge choice ranging from the more traditional to the trendy designer clothes. Obviously when men started taking more of an interest in fashion, especially when it came to casual wear, designers realized that baby boys deserved to be better catered for. I admire those parents who are creative and have started their own baby boy clothes line because they couldn’t find clothes in the stores that reflected their lifestyle or met their needs.

People say you need more baby boy clothes because boys are harder on their clothes than girls are, this was certainly true of my son. I wasn’t used to this as my eldest child is a girl and although not the daintiest, she seemed to attract dirt, she didn’t wear her clothes out. I saved the unisex items such as neutral sleep suits, dungarees, tee shirts etc. for my next baby. Unfortunately my son was so hard on his clothes, even as a baby of 6 months old, that I could never pass them on to any one else.

My sister-in-law had two boys who were older than my son so she used to pass baby boy clothes on to me that were nearly new. My brother was the manager of a well known high street store that was introducing baby clothes into their store and so he was often asked to try out new lines of baby clothes to see how well they wore, washed etc. My nephews were obviously not hard on their clothes because there were some really gorgeous outfits that looked as if they hadn’t been worn although I new they had because I’d seen my younger nephew in them.

I know you expect wear and tear on toddler clothes as they explore the world around them especially when they are playing outside but how can a six month old baby boy wear out clothes before he’s grown out of them? Even before he started crawling somehow the knees on sleep suits and trousers always seemed to wear thin. When he started to crawl the problem got worse. I’d get him baby boy clothes that I thought would last for the season only to find in a matter of a few weeks he had worn holes in the knees! I used to long for the summer and hope it was a warm one so he could wear shorts. They were the only pants he never wore out! Even when he started walking he would always manage to somehow wear holes in the knees of long pants even denim jeans.

But I don’t think all boys are the same. When my daughter had our grandson her best friend passed on lots of beautiful baby boy clothes that she had had for her two sons and some of which had been passed on to her from other friends. New babies outgrow their clothes long before they wear them out so with careful washing they should last a while but as they get a little older and more active you expect their clothes to begin to show signs of wear. However, my daughter’s friend has passed on clothes right up to the toddler stage that my grandson has had lots of wear out of and they are still in good condition when he’s grown out of them.

So is it that baby boy clothes are made of more hard wearing material these days than when my son was a baby or did I just have a child with exceptionally bony knees?

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