Baby Sleepwear Do’s and Don’ts

A mother’s basic instinct is to generally cuddle and bundle the baby up. Thinking that since they are so small, babies may feel colder than adults. However, this is not the case. Baby sleepwear shouldn’t be any heaver than what you yourself would wear for the current conditions.

Here are some tips to help select the right kind of baby sleepwear for your baby.

Stay away from those ribbons and drawstrings: Cute as they may look in the movies, satin ribbons, or even cotton drawstrings can be a potential hazard. Your baby might just get caught in them and even choke. Avoid baby sleepwear with all the frills and laces and opt. for the simple ones.

Snug fitting: You don’t need a loose gown for your baby nor do you need a real tight pajama. The sleepwear for your baby should be snug and comfortable.

Body temperature: Pay attention to the body temperature of your baby. Are her feet and hands cold? If yes, then she may be need another layer of clothing. If her extremities are clammy from sweat, then you need to reduce some of her clothing.

It’s important to realize that babies tend to get overheated quickly, and as a result this can be very hazardous. Keeping the temperature of the room between 68 and 70 degrees this will be comfortable for the baby, and of course, dressing her accordingly will keep her body temperature in check.

Avoid blankets and comforters: They may look good, but blankets and comforters need to be avoided with new babies. These can cause suffocation. Maintain the right room temperature and this will eliminate the need for blankets and comforters.

Cotton nightwear: Though you may see many fancy satin, silk and other types of baby sleepwear make sure that you stick to cotton. Cotton is light, non-allergic, and absorbent.

Sleep sacks: For newborn’s or very small babies, sleep sacks are your best bet. Your baby can wear them over regular pajamas and they have a snug fit around the wrists, neck, and feet.

Your baby sleepwear comes down to using cotton and being snug yet comfortable. Stay away from the frills, and be careful not to over dress.

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