Footed Baby Pajamas Are a Popular Option

Baby pajamas with feet are adorable. These particular pajamas keep babies and toddlers wrapped in comforting, cuddly warmth. Infant pajamas also serve the purpose of keeping tiny babies safe in their cribs at night. When an infant is put down for the night in baby footed pajamas, he or she can stay warm and cozy without blanket, preventing a smothering hazard. Baby footed pajamas also mean that your baby can’t work his or her socks off in the night and get a chill from cold feet. In baby pajamas with feet, the youngest infant can sleep in warmth and safety all through the night.

Baby pajamas are usually made with front zipper openings these days, but snaps are still used as well. The openings run down to one foot of the baby PJs to facilitate easy diaper changes. Well-made baby footed pajamas with zippers also feature a chin guard so that baby doesn’t get pinched by the zipper. Baby pajamas with feet are also available in two-piece sets. When purchasing baby sleepwear, one should always check for easily sliding zippers and well-sewn snaps and other fastenings. Baby PJs with accessories such as buttons, ribbons or lace that might be pulled off and become choking hazards should be avoided. Baby pajamas should also be flame resistant.

Infant pajamas have fleece or some other form of fabric feet, but toddler pajamas for older babies who are learning to walk have non-skid treads on the feet. Toddler footed pajamas have the same convenient, long zipper opening for changing diapers and training pants. Toddler pajamas for boys are often made in styles that mimic baseball player uniforms or race car driver bodysuits, with feet made to look like little shoes.

Baby sleepwear makes a wonderful gift for showers or for the holidays. Baby and toddler pajamas with feet, also known as footie pajamas or sleepers, come in seasonal fabrics for winter and the holiday season. Baby sleepwear bearing the images of popular characters is available at department stores and online. Baby PJs also come in a rainbow of colors and patterns, with stripes being very popular. Infant pajamas embroidered with “I love my dad” or “I love my mom” are always popular. Your baby can even wear the logo of mom and dad’s favorite sports team or race car driver. A parent with a new baby or toddler is sure to appreciate several sets of baby pajamas. This ensures that there is always a clean, dry one on hand for those middle-of-the-night clothing changes after a very bad diaper.

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