Keep Baby Warm in Winter

Have a winter baby? How exciting! Bringing home a baby in the colder months means a precious first Christmas and pictures of your baby in Santa’s arms, but mind you there is also the risk of that first winter cold. You want to be especially careful since your child needs to build up a natural immunity, and we know you want to be cautious about exposing your child to rough weather. That’s why it’s important to ensure baby is bundled up right.

Naturally, you will have winter wear reader for your child – a thick jacket and knit caps, since most of your body’s heat leaves from the top of your head, no child should go out without something covering his top and ears. Thick mittens are also a must to keep the sensitive skin of those hands protected. If you think this is enough, however, you may be interested in a few more products to assist your child’s warmth when you head out into the snow to go shopping or to the doctor.

Baby leg warmers are great to use if it feels a bit chilly indoors. Typically these are thickly knit leggings that go on even after you have diapered and clothed your child. They provide added protection if you want to put a nice winter dress on your little girl.

Consider, too, the type of car seat you have. Most brands have a winter cover that snaps easily around the edges to keep your baby warm as you drive. Find one with an underside made of wool or another thick quilting, and it covers your baby like a blanket.

Having a baby during the winter is a special thing, more so when you have ample opportunity to cuddle and play. Keep your child warm when it’s cool and share in the happiness.

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