Tips On How To Buy Baby Dresses

Babies are bundles of joy. To keep them warm and good looking you need to buy them good dresses. Here are tips on how to buy the right dresses:


How old is your baby? You need to know in order to buy the right size. When making the purchase always remember that the sizes vary depending on the dress company. If your baby is too small (less than one year) you should buy a dress that is a little bit bigger. For example, if your baby is 6 months old you should buy a dress that is sized 9-12 months.


Regardless of how cute the dress is, the dress won’t interest you if it’s difficult to put it on and off. When making the purchase always consider the ease for frequent diaper and clothing changes. This calls for you to avoid dresses with fancy embellishments such as buttons, zippers and snaps.

To make it easy for you to put on the dress, you should go for a dress with a stretchy neck holes.

For you to easily change the diaper you should go for a dress with snaps. There are new brands that have magnetic snaps that make your work easy.

As rule of thumb you should steer clear of overalls or other complicated items that make your work difficult.


It’s normal for little girls to be swaddled in pink fairies and boys to be covered in blue race cars. To give your baby a unique look you should be creative. For example, if you live in a dusty area, it’s wise that you buy a dress that is dull in color. For example, you can go for blue for your baby girl.

In addition to the color of the dress, you also need to be creative when it comes to the different patterns and prints. When making the purchase you shouldn’t restrict yourself to the normal boy and girl prints.


These are tips on how to buy baby dresses. If you are pregnant and interested in buying dresses for the unborn baby, you should limit the number of dresses that you buy. This is to avoid wastage.

For example, if you give birth to a baby who’s bigger than expected, chances are that the baby will wear the 0-3 month dress for only one month. If on the other month the baby is born early thus smaller than expected, you will need to store the dresses intended for the first few months thus risking them being out of season by the time the baby is ready for them.

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